The Jubilee Center

Provide Shelter:

Five days a week, between the hours of 9:00 am and 3:30 pm
Members find the doors open, the lights on and coffee brewing at The Jubilee Center. Jubilee staff greet members at the door and throughout the day provide advocacy, case management, intervention and, more importantly, a caring, nurturing environment of hospitality and welcome. Here, Jubilee Members find a family environment when mental illness has worn their family of origin down and exhausted scant resources.

Jubilee Center is an international designation given to faith-based programs that reflect the gospel of Matthew 25: 35 – 36. This verse says what we do for others, we do for Christ. Jubilee Centers are places of justice and promote peace and compassion for the marginalized people who are left out of the larger community conversation. Jubilee Center at Shelter Care began as an outreach ministry of Emmanuel Episcopal Church and is one of only 600 centers throughout the world. Jubilee is a day program for adults who suffer from a chronic mental illness and who are homeless or at risk of homelessness. In order to become a member of the center the person must have a diagnosis in the DSM IV.


Awaken Hope:

Members enjoy activities, hot meals, and social events. Most importantly, the staff hold members as an exquisite creation of a loving God. Throughout the year, staff invite members to attend community functions, providing transportation and resources that enrich their lives and offer fullness that would otherwise be missing in their world.


Honor Dignity:

The Jubilee Staff view members as more than their mental illness. Shelter Care believes Jubilee members are a gift to Rockford, to each other and to the world. Watching members see the good in everything, or offering hope and harmony to others, sets the example of gratitude and humility for everyone who has the opportunity to serve at The Center. Perhaps the single most important gift Shelter Care gives to Jubilee Members is "being seen." We see them, we know they are here and that they are a part of the world; for us they are not invisible.