Meet Jeremiah. He comes to MAYA’S House

Posted Tuesday May 24, 2016 by Shelter Care Team

Meet Jeremiah. He comes to MAYA’S House


Jeremiah is an energetic two year old. He and his mother became homeless two months ago and found temporary shelter at the Rockford Rescue Mission's Women's Crisis Center. Jeremiah's mother is grateful for MAYA'S House because it provides her with a safe place to bring her son during the day while she is trying to find stable housing and employment. MAYA'S House offers a fun place for him to play, engage with other children and adults and have two nutritious meals a day.  It also gives Jeremiah a consistent place to work on potty training.  And for that his Mom is very grateful!  Your donation helps Jeremiah and other children like him have a break from the stresses of homelessness.

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