Our History

How Shelter Care Came Into Existence

Emmanuel Episcopal Church began to realize the plight of men with mental illness wandering the streets of Rockford.

Father James Cardone becomes the Rector at Emmanuel
Emmanuel Soup Kitchen is started.

Recession impact increases homelessness
Emmanuel Parishioners are trained to help at the Open Doors Mission

Family homelessness increases significantly
Shelter Care Ministries is incorporated on July 22nd.
Shelter Care receives first grant from Public Aid for a six month pilot program with the Open Doors Mission for $24,000
Rev. Robert Hensley becomes program Coordinator
Shelter Care receives Jubilee designation by the National Episcopal Church

Shelter Care ends relationship with The Open Doors Mission
Jan Wanninger hired as part-time program coordinator
Shelter Care becomes funded through Emmanuel Episcopal Charities

Stewart McKinney Homeless Assistance Act passes creating 15 funded programs to serve individuals who are homeless and creates definitions for homelessness. Families are not included in the Act.
Jubilee Center opens on Sundays from 2:00 pm – 5:00 pm.
Rev. Cardone leaves

Jubilee center extends hours; opens five days a week
First Spring Luncheon
Family Programing begins

Rockford Affordable Housing Coalition formed


Robert Parker hired as the Director of Jubilee Center

Pilot Program for transitional housing through Illinois Department of Public Aid

HUD funding for transitional housing
First Harvest Fest

Welfare Reform law is signed into Law
6 emergency units/4 transitional units

State removes people who abuse substance from SSI benefits
Children with disabilities are removed from SSI
The network that supports people who are marginalized now puts them at greater risk of harm.

Dorothy Harrison Retires after 11 years as Shelter Care Secretary

Between 1999 and 2010
Shelter Care sustained the organization through the early years of the recession and continued to provide the steady dependable programing that served members and residents.

Awarded Permanent Supportive Housing Program through HUD, for 6 additional families where one adult has a disability.

Receives the new application funding through the Continuum of Care to serve 10 additional Veteran Families.

Develops the Advisory Team, comprised of local leaders to provide direction for Shelter Care's vision to expand housing by 26 units.
Contracts with MedMan Creative to develop branding for a new vision, mission and web site.