Volunteer Opportunities at Mayas House

Child Care Volunteer
At MAYA’S House we are all about the children. Our goal is to provide the children we serve with loving, fun interactions with adults and their peers. We rely on volunteers to help us meet this goal. Come to MAYA’S House and spend a few hours playing with these children. As a child care volunteer, you will be expected to interact and engage in play with children ages 0-5. You will also be expected to help with the care responsibilities such as diaper changes, assisting children in the bathroom, food preparation and service and classroom cleaning.

Special Project Volunteer
If you would prefer to not interact directly with the children, there are still ways to help at MAYA’S House. We are in need of volunteers to come and do a variety of special projects on site. Some of these projects include: deep cleaning toys and furniture, organizing storage cabinets, decorating bulletin boards, prepping daily art projects and small group activities, and creating new classroom decorations and calendars.

Circle Time Volunteer
We welcome members of the community to share circle time with us. Perhaps you have a musical talent or dance you could share through performance. You could come as a guest reader and share your favorite children’s book or perform a puppet show. Older children groups would be welcome to perform a short skit for our captive audience. Circle time is held twice daily at 9:30 am and 11:30 am.


Helping Mayas House at Home
There are also ways you can serve Mayas House from home.
For those who are crafty and would like to put their handmade skills to work for good:
♦ Dress Up Clothes-simple capes, dresses, hats, etc. size 3T-5/6
♦ Baby Doll Clothes
♦ Story time pieces made from felt or paper to use with our Velcro board
♦ Hand and finger puppets
♦ Dancing scarves, wands, dancing ribbons and bean bags

Other Ideas:
♦ Putting together busy bags and sensory buckets appropriate for toddlers and preschoolers
Creating and laminating file folder games
Preparing lunch or a healthy snack for our children and volunteers
Making homemade play-doh, finger paints, or goop
Homemade sensory bottles and musical instruments
Organize a drive to help supply MAYA’S House


Maya's House relies on the community to donate all the supplies we need to care for the children in our program. We would appreciate organizations and groups assisting us in collecting these donations.

Suggestions for supply drives:
♦ Diapers and Wipes, all sizes and brands
♦ Toys-we are looking for quality toys appropriate for children ages 0-5.
Please no toys with small pieces, broken parts or that require batteries. We will happily accept used toys that are still in good condition.
♦ Children’s Clothing-size 0-5/6, boys and girls, used and new. We also need shoes, socks and underwear.
♦ Art Supplies-paints, construction paper, glue sticks, brushes, cookie cutters, collage materials, etc.
♦ Snack Supplies-non perishable is best, a few suggestions: crackers, juice boxes, canned fruit and apple sauce. We try to reduce the amount of sugar and sweets we serve so when possible please no fruit snacks, cookies and candy.
♦ Paper and Cleaning Products-paper towels, napkins, small drinking cups, Clorox wipes, nonscented bleach, tissues, latex gloves, paper plates, plastic utensils.

If you would like to volunteer at MAYA'S House or have supplies you'd like to donate, please call Natasha Urbanowitz at 815-708-2650 or e-mail  nurbanowitz@shelter-care.org