Your Donation$ at Work- MAYA’S House

Posted Monday July 17, 2017 by Shelter Care Team

Your Donation$ at Work- MAYA’S House

Your donation makes a difference to the children we serve at MAYA'S House whose families are struggling with homelessness.
The time spent at MAYA'S House gives a child the opportunity to experience creative play time, healthy snacks and lunch and an environment of loving care by staff and volunteers.


Meet Shanay

Shanay and her two sons, Calin (age 3) and Tovias (age 1) have used MAYA'S House for several weeks. Because of MAYA'S House, Shanay, who is looking for employment, was able to attend several job interviews.  She was even able to reschedule one of her interviews to coincide with a time when MAYA'S House was open, so she wouldn't have to lose out on the opportunity to interview.  We are happy to report that one of the interviews was a success, and Shanay now has a full-time job!  She'll now be able to start providing the life she wants for her two boys.  While we're sad to see the family go (the boys will be starting at a new daycare now that Mom's working), this is a great outcome for the family and demonstrates how MAYA'S House can help families achieve their goals.



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