Your Donation$ at Work

Posted Monday February 08, 2016 by Shelter Care Team

Your Donation$ at Work

Your donation makes a difference to the children we serve at MAYA'S House whose families are struggling with homelessness.
The time spent at MAYA'S House gives a child the opportunity to experience creative play time, healthy snacks and lunch and an environment of loving care by staff and volunteers.




Brittany's Story

Brittany first enrolled her daughters at MAYA'S House last November. Her daughters, ages 2 and 1, enjoy being there much more than accompanying their mom to her many appointments. Brittany says MAYA'S House has been a blessing in her life for multiple reasons. The ability to have her daughters cared for -- and at no cost -- has allowed her to begin creating order in her life. Using the time her children are cared for at MAYA'S House to visit government offices to obtain social security cards, birth certificates and other important documents will help Brittany find work and obtain housing.

This time at MAYA'S House also allows Brittany to be able to attend support groups at the Women's Crisis Center, plus be able to have some "me" time to regroup and relieve some of the stress in her life right now. Knowing that her girls are in a safe place to play and just "be kids" gives Brittany peace of mind and brings much needed normalcy into their lives. The healthy meals, fresh diapers and recent Christmas presents her daughters received at MAYA'S House are also things she is grateful for.

MAYA'S House has made an important difference in Brittany's life and in the lives of her children.


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