Our Vision

Shelter Care Ministries, its staff and volunteers believe:

  • In the created dignity of all life, that people are holy beings.
  • Every person, regardless of class, condition, color, gender, orientation or belief system was created with the capability to live a full, rich life.
  • Our direction comes from the gospel of Matthew that calls us to feed the poor, clothe the naked, shelter the homeless, care for the sick and visit the lonely,
  • That every person has a right to safe, affordable and decent housing,
  • That we are called to use our gifts and talents in service to the many marginalized and maligned members of our community,
  • That we are called to love people into a higher level of being,
  • These beliefs hold us accountable for transforming our community one family or one person at a time.
  • Finally, we believe that we are called into service to be the hands and heart of the Christ in the world without judgment, and we model this through respect and care for each other, for the people we serve and for the common good of our community. We understand our actions are our example, and we understand that we reflect our vision and mission in all we say and do. Therefore, we strive always to show mercy, love kindness and walk humbly with our God.